September 2012

Man oh man ... last year's "re-grand opening" party was a great success - and we had so much fun ... That's why I'm EXTRA pumped about our upcoming two year anniversary bash!  It's going to be bigger and better than ever. Now introducing ... The Two Year FVT Anniversary Party When: Saturday, October 13th @ 9am [...]

Forest and Lisa, instructors at the Sacramento, CA FVT boot camp show us three cool and unique boot camp exercise ideas (part two in the FVT Boot Camp Exercise Idea video series): Video Recap Today we’re going to demonstrate three boot camp exercises for you. These are going to be bodyweight based. These will be [...]

Dr. Sean Cook, Mindful Eating Expert   I got the recent opportunity to sit down and do an interview with Dr. Sean Cook, a Sacramento-based psychologist who specializes in mindfullness - based wellness.  We talked specifically about how mindfullness concepts can be applied to eating habits ... and the interview was AWESOME.  SO many great [...]


Fall is upon us ... we're back into our regular routines, extra focused on fitness and it feels GREAT! Here's what's happening this week @ FVT:   September Challenge Workout(s) The FVT September Challenge Workout is underway - don't miss it. Check out the details here: === >> September 2012 FVT Challenge Workout We have [...]

September 2012 FVT Challenge Workout – Burpee/Squat/Swing Ladder Here’s what to do: 1 burpee 2 body weight squats 3 kettlebell swings Then, go back to the top and ‘climb the ladder’! Meaning you’ll do: 2 burpees 4 body weight squats 6 kettlebell swings Then: 3 burpees 6 body weight squats 9 kettlebell swings And continue [...]

When you register for the FVT Back-to-School 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, you get a complete workout and meal plan that'll outline EXACTLY what you need to do to lose as much fat as humanly possible in 30 days. ** FYI, we have just a few spots left for the challenge - and registration [...]