January 2013

Whew! We held a kettlebell workshop over this last weekend at the FVT studio, and I just finished a full write up on the day - including highlights and 10 take-away tips you can use in your own training right away: => FVT Kettlebell Workshop - blog post + video I even got challenged to [...]

If you: Are a beginner/intermediate – level exerciser, looking to lose weight, tone up, and get into great shape ... Like the idea of group training … but aren't quite ready for (or maybe even are a bit intimidated by) a traditional ‘boot camp’ setting ... Are just getting back into your workout routine … [...]

Last week, we touched on the concept of getting your workouts in, despite a busy schedule and limited time. (If you missed that article, you can find it on my BodyWeightStrengthTraining.com blog, here.) Today, we're going to go further with this concept, and talk about some healthy snack ideas for busy people, in a guest article from my [...]

In a recent article on sacramento.cbslocal.com, Forest Vance Training was at the top of the 'Best Kettlebell Workouts in Sacramento' list! Click here to see the article: => Best Kettlebell Workouts in Sacramento And learn more about kettlebell instruction at FVT here: => Sacramento Kettlebell Instruction

*If you missed the January 2013 FVT Challenge Workout, click here to see it now Official Results: JJ 528 JM 510 SK 502 JM 502 SP 496 BC 494 PK 491 SF 485 SS 474 MA 471 AC 465 SS 465 ZW 459 LA 459 CA 458 CC 456 BP 456 BC 454 FR 429 [...]

Brand new set of FVT Challenge Workouts for 'ya in 2013! The concept behind our monthly Challenges: These workouts are high intensity, strength-endurance style sessions that are scored in some way (you’ll see what I mean in just a second when we walk through this month’s workout …) We repeat each Challenge several times throughout [...]