January 2016

We are hosting a Tactical Strength Challenge on April 23rd at FVT. I am excited! The tactical strength challenge consists of: -- A maximum deadlift -- A maximum number of pull-ups -- Maximum repetitions of the kettlebell snatch in five minutes It is an event organized by StrongFirst, and facilities host it all around the [...]

Just finished up on a webinar for our 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challengers. In one section of the presentation, I covered some of the most common mistakes people make when doing a diet program like the one we're following. Ended up getting a lot of positive feedback on this part, and on one of [...]

The most frequently asked question we seem to be getting about the upcoming 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is ... "What does the meal plan look like?" So I thought I would share a sample day: # ** Important to note that the actual PORTIONS are going to vary depending on the individual (use [...]

Okay - registration for the FVT 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is officially LIVE! This is a shorter-than-usual registration period ... AND, due to space limitations, we are also having to limit total sign ups to 30 ... so check it out and grab it your spot now at the link below: => Details [...]

We're back with another one of our monthly Challenge workouts. Folks come to FVT to lose fat, build muscle, and feel great ... but they also want fun and challenging workouts to keep them motivated and excited! And that’s what our monthly challenges are all about. We rotate through three different Challenges each month over the [...]

Well, another FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout is officially complete. 3 hours of kettlebell lifting, running, push ups, pull ups, and burpees ... such a fun, high energy, positive group ... AND, we raised a total of $1100 for the Sac SPCA! Awesome work everyone. Doing events like this, while admittingly is a LOT of work, is [...]