March 2016

Summer is almost here. Can you believe it?!? Such an awesome time of year. Can’t wait! How about you? What do YOU have planned? Spending some time at the beach? Maybe going out on the boat? Time at the pool with the kids? Guess that leads us to my REAL question for you today ... [...]

March 2016 Challenge Results

Here is the March 2016 Challenge workout again, in case you missed it: And the results! Women DP 9 GV 9 DP 8 SF 8 SG 8 PK 8 JJ 8 LC 8 RR 7 AL 7 MR 7 MA 7 MT 7 BC 7 AL 7 SK 7 LK 7 LA 7 SR [...]

Check out the March 2016 FVT Challenge Workout: # -- Work off of 30 second time intervals, "beat the clock" - style -- Continue through the workout until no longer possible ... the total # of rounds 100% completed is your score -- Regular push ups for men, knee push ups for women -- 24k [...]

FVT Sprint Workout

Sprinting - provided you have a base level of conditioning, strength and overall fitness - is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. That's why we work sprints into the mix frequently in our boot camp workouts at FVT. Check out this video for a simple – yet effective – sprint workout you [...]

We are giving away one FREE month of unlimited boot camp workouts at our Land Park / Sacramento location - and YOU can enter to win for a limited time. We are doing this give-away contest simply as a way to say THANK YOU to our loyal subscribers and clients ... and as a [...]