March 2010

Boot Camp Fitness Training Explained

'Boot camp' is a buzzword in the fitness world these days ... in fact, it seems like there's a lot more advertising and hype about boot camps now than there is about one-on-one personal training. And if you take a look at what people are searching for on the internet, there is much more interest [...]

"You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must makeit."- Charles Buxton

How To Break Your Fat Loss Plateau

Hey guys ... if you're stuck, here's how you can start making progress again -Enter to win a totally free copy of the Ultimate Fitness Resource Toolkit - the compete workout road map, meal plan, and guide to getting in the proper mindset to lose fat -For more details and to enter the contest, click [...]

Eating Well While Eating Out – 3 Quick Tips

Two over-indulgent restaurant meals over a weekend can literally kill the progress you've made with your fat loss plan over the course of the week - here are three tips to help you stay on track and make good choices even when you're dining out: 1. Cut Your Portions In Half Just eat half of [...]

First, a quick thanks to everyone who's attending our free trial - we've had some awesome workouts and it's been a lot of fun -So here's some details about the full-blown Hard Core Conditioning Sacramento Boot Camp program:Included is:One or two awesome workouts per week (depending on which program you decide to go with)A complete [...]

March 2010 Challenge Workout Standings

Update on the March 2010 Challenge Workout from Forest Vance Training, Inc. - here's how everyone faired - all times are basic version unless otherwise noted:Adrienne - 16:40Vikki - 17:16Susan - 17:46 (turn it up a notch version)Nikki - 18:06Brian - 18:30Eric - 18:36Miranda - 18:59Nancy - 19:40Kristin - 20:50Pati - 24:05Great job to everyone! [...]

March 2010 Challenge Workout

It's once again time for our monthly challenge workout ... here's how it works:If you're involved in our group personal training program, you'll have the chance to do March's challenge workout this coming week. We'll have three different versions of the workout for different fitness levels. I'll post your time (if you wish) on the [...]

Here's a cool website that lets you set up email reminders set at semi-unpredictable intervals for whatever you example, you can set up an email to be delivered to you at pre-determined intervals to remind you to eat your vegetables, to take your multi-vitamin, to make sure and drink 10 glasses of water a [...]