November 2011

According to, the average person puts on one pound during the holiday season.  Sensational claims of five to tens pounds of fat gain during the holiday season turn out to be greatly exaggerated ... However, this is still bad news.  Here's why:  according to another report in the New England Journal of Medicine, most [...]

Monday November 21st, Tuesday November 22nd, Wednesday November 23rd - all regular class times offered Thursday November 24th (Thanksgiving Day) - studio closed, no classes offered Friday November 25th - 6 am class cancelled, special class time offered @ 8:30 am Saturday November 26th - both regular class times offered (8 am & 9 am) [...]

Huge thanks to all who participated in last week's give-away contest/survey!  The feedback is much appreciated, and I'll be working in the coming weeks and months on some of the suggestions you provided ... We had a really hard time picking a winner ... but ended up going with Michelle L.  Keep an eye out Michelle [...]

Special announcement: The merchants at 3200 Riverside Blvd. in Land Park (Sacramento) are hosting a special street fair event this Saturday, November 12th from 10am - 4pm. All businesses at the complex will be representing (including us) and providing refreshments, special deals, free giveaways, and more ... Hope to see you there! Forest

I get questions in person, via email, on my blog, etc. almost daily about what kind of workouts folks can do at home when they're short on time.  So I shot a quick video that walks you through a kettlebell swing and burpee workout you can do in about 10 minutes - check it out [...]

The November 2011 Challenge Workout: 50 Push Ups (standard Push Ups for guys, knees for gals) 50 Body Weight Squats 50 full Sit Ups – feet unanchored, hands at sides 50 two hand Kettlebell Swings 50 Bicycle Crunches (each side) 50 Lunges (backwards, alternating feet, in place, each side) 50 Mountain Climbers (each side) All [...]