July 2014

Today's post is from my friend James Gaida. I have gotten to know James well over the last year and he's a WEALTH of knowledge on nutrition. It was actually on his recommendation I tried intermittent fasting to lose a few lbs and get ready for my RKC II cert a few months ago ... [...]

Getting a ton of requests this summer re: bringing along a friend / family member / co-worker / etc to a boot camp to check what we have going at FVT. So, we've decided to hold a Bring-A-Buddy boot camp on Thursday, July 31st @ 7pm ... and you can attend for JUST $1. It's [...]

Oh man, what an awesome KB Workshop yesterday at the FVT Studio. Great group, amazing energy, tons of learning going on, and just a lot of fun all-around! One of the big reasons why workshops are so awesome is you get a half day (or full day or whatever) to set aside other things that [...]

Okay, we're just two days away from this Saturday's Kettlebell Workshop at FVT. You have two choices. You can stay home, continue to train with kettlebells on your own, and risk ending up like this fellow: OR, you can attend our workshop, get get dialed in on your KB form / training technique, and get [...]

The swing is the best kettlebell exercise for fat loss. It's a total-body move that burns TONS of calories, engages the entire posterior chain (muscles in the back of the body), and will get you into amazing cardio condition, all at the same time. And, no matter if you're just getting started with the move, [...]

*Quick heads up before we get to today's video - just a few spots left at our July 19th KB Workshop to qualify for the "Early Bird" 10x10 KB Solution bonus book ... click HERE to learn more and grab your spot Now, let's be very clear about something.  If you're training with kettlebells properly, [...]

  New FVT black band earner Dan M - nice work!!   Another FVT Band Challenge Workout is in the books. We had a record FIVE new black band earners: -- Laci B -- Mike -- Dan M -- Frankie M -- Brad P With lots of folks RETAINING their black band status ... plus [...]

Been working a lot on the plans for our upcoming kettlebell workshop at the FVT Studio.  And I've been thinking about how to make the event better than ever ... I am realizing, now having worked with thousands of folks on improving their kettlebell training technique ... our number one goal is to get you to [...]