September 2014


Our 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is in full swing - and it's GAME TIME! We have folks down two, three, up to four pounds down already after the first week.  It's going to be a REAL close race. No matter who wins the challenge though, the most important thing is that we'll help [...]

You've worked hard, lifted hard, gone hard for years. As a result, you've built up a solid level of strength and overall fitness - either currently, or at least at some point along the way. But it's come at the cost of some aches and pains. Little (or big) injuries here and there have added up. [...]

Had a great Nutrition Coaching session this morning at the FVT Studio.  We did an exercise where we broke down some sample food logs as a group (actual logs that FVT clients had turned in to us; and YES we blacked out personal info and got permission to share them of course first) figured out [...]

We officially started the FVT Back to School 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge yesterday. Exciting times, and lots of fun at the kick-off boot camp. 30 days from now, we'll be dozens, likely hundreds of pounds lighter as a group - and that much closer to our ultimate fitness goals! As a: -- Added [...]

The countdown has begun! Just over 48 hours left to reserve your spot in the FVT 30 Day Back to School Rapid Fat Loss Challenge. Do so now by clicking the link below: => FVT 30 Day Back to School Rapid Fat Loss Challenge We've been getting a lot of questions about the 30 Day [...]

Meet Sabrina!

Sabrina came to FVT looking to get back into shape and on a consistent workout routine. Specifically, she wanted to lose about 15 lbs of body fat and add a little lean muscle. Sabrina exceeded her goal, losing 18 pounds within the first three months ... and even more impressive, has KEPT the weight off [...]

The September 2014 Challenge Workout again, in case you missed it: =>  September 2014 Challenge Workout And the results: Men: B.R. 20:09 J.M. 20:27 M.H. 20:53 J.J. 21:47 R.B. 21:49 D.M. 21:54 B.P. 22:00 R.A. 22:20 M.P. 22:20 B.K. 23:45 M.V. 24:00 P.K. 24:59 Men Modified: A.O. 19:33 Women: J.M. 18:39 L.B. 19:14 C.L. 19:32 [...]