Check out this quick and effective 1 minute yoga flow sequence for beginners! I use this sequence to both energize myself in the morning, and before my regular kettlebell workouts: If you like this sequence, you'll LOVE our restorative yoga classes, Wednesday nights at 6pm (downtown location) and Thursday nights at 6pm (Pocket location). . [...]

Can anyone do yoga?

In the past few months we have held a restorative yoga class here at FVT, there have been plenty of clients who have enjoyed the active recovery, healing both mind and body. Many might feel hesitation to try it out - especially if they have never done yoga before. Often the question of "Who is [...]

Why Yoga?

Why add yoga to your workout schedule? Yoga is a tool that works best when practiced as consistently and as often as possible, since we are lengthening muscles, ligaments and connective tissue, and this takes time and -- you guessed it, practice! As some FVT yoga students have said it best, the benefits of yoga [...]

FVT Restorative Yin Yoga has been in full swing since Summer. It has been a great active recovery for those who are rocking out our kettlebell and bodyweight workouts in the gym. Many who have tried our Restorative Yoga class were actually yoga beginners, and are now showing up every week! This video from a [...]