Sport Yoga Series with Forest – Starts April 6th, Last Call:

Sport Yoga Series with Forest – Starts April 6th, Last Call: Once per week, on Wednesday afternoons / evenings, we’ll meet in person at the 1530 X Street Studio OR on a Zoom call (your choice!) from 530 to 615 pm, Pacific Standard Time. We kick the program off on Wednesday, April 6th. We’ll meet againContinue reading “Sport Yoga Series with Forest – Starts April 6th, Last Call:”

Shoulder Flexibility / Health Test

*Check out our upcoming Sport Yoga Series if you need help with improving shoulder flexibility and health here – Flexible, mobile shoulders are KEY to performance, and a functional, pain-free life. So today, I have a super simple shoulder flexibility test you can take. This isn’t going to address every single thing, but it’s aContinue reading “Shoulder Flexibility / Health Test”

“Hybrid” In-Person / Zoom Sport Yoga Series – Sign Up Now

“Hybrid” In-Personal / Zoom Sport Yoga Series – Click Here to Sign Up Now! Are you looking to improve flexibility and mobility? Do you want to reduce aches and pains? Are you ready to reduce stress, while improving workout recovery at the same time? Click here now to sign up for my upcoming “Hybrid” In-PersonalContinue reading ““Hybrid” In-Person / Zoom Sport Yoga Series – Sign Up Now”

Core Strength / Hip Mobility Test (pic)

If you are looking for improved balance, flexiblity, injury prevention, recovery, stress relief, and body awareness in your life… I encourage you to start on a regular yoga practice. And we’re kicking around the idea of running another Sport Yoga series this spring! Reply to this message with the words SPORT YOGA if it soundsContinue reading “Core Strength / Hip Mobility Test (pic)”

Daily “Shadow Strength” Joint Mobility Routine

I have been doing a joint mobility / stretching routine every morning when I first wake up for the last six or seven years, and let me tell you, it has been a GAME CHANGER! I feel that it helps with: Improving range of motion, flexibility, and overall movement for my kettlebell workouts Easing myContinue reading “Daily “Shadow Strength” Joint Mobility Routine”

“How can Yoga reduce stress?”

A home-based Yoga practice is a key part of my stress relief routine. A lot of people think that I just train with my clients most of the day, and spend any extra time coming up with ideas for new workouts. While I do both of these things regularly, and frankly they are my favoriteContinue reading ““How can Yoga reduce stress?””

Sport Yoga series with Forest – starts Thursday, Sept 9th

I just finished up my morning Yoga routine. What a GREAT way to wake up! When you are feeling more flexible and mobile – in both the body AND mind – it sets the tone for a great day. This got me to thinking: have you signed up for my “Sport Yoga” series yet? IfContinue reading “Sport Yoga series with Forest – starts Thursday, Sept 9th”

VIDEO: Post-Workout Stretches + Core Work

In today’s video, I take you through an 11-minute stretching / core sequence that is the perfect thing to do after your workout, or any time! If you like it, also check out info below on my upcoming Online/Home-Based “Sport Yoga” Series: Online/Home-Based “Sport Yoga” Series Kicks Off Thursday, September 9th – Click Here toContinue reading “VIDEO: Post-Workout Stretches + Core Work”