Dynamic Stretching with Kettlebells

Dynamic stretching is a form of stretching that is perfect to add to your kettlebell workouts. It consists of gentle, rhythmic movements that are performed in continuous succession. It will warm up your muscles and prepare them for exercise, was well as helping you move more freely and with greater range of motion. Here’s a sample dynamic warm up to try before your next kettlebell workout:

*Pro tip – you can also do this routine on your “off” / non-kettlebell days for some extra stretching, exercise, and calorie burn!


Kettlebell Dynamic Stretching Routine

1 – KB Goblet squat – 5
2 – Inchworm w/ push up – 5
3 – KB halo – 5 each way
4 – Reverse lunge w/ twist over front leg – 5 per side


The summer is fast approaching!

So that you can burn some extra calories and stay on track with your fitness, we are offering a special boot camp class on Saturdays at 9am.

This is perfect as an add-on for current clients who are already doing workouts at the studio each week, and want to get some extra bonus work on the weekends.

It’s also open to new or returning clients who just want to join us for a fun, heart-pumping, calorie-burning workout on Saturdays at 9 am.

If you are interested, reply with the words “Saturday Boot Camp”, and we will send you all the details on how to join.

Thanks, and hope to hear back from you! –

-Forest and the FVT Team 

Spring BBQ @ FVT – Please RSVP

Are you planning on attending the FVT Spring BBQ on Friday, May 20th 5-7pm?

If so, please RSVP at the link below so we know how many people to expect:

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This special event is for our current and past clients. Family, friends, and co-workers are also welcome and encouraged!

We’ll be getting things started around 5pm and going ’till 7 or so.

Hope to see ya there! –

– Forest and the FVT Team

Eat-Stop-Eat IF Protocol

Intermittent fasting is where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.

Dozens of recent studies show it can have powerful benefits!

There are a lot of different ways to do it – 16/8, 5:2, etc… but my personal favorite is the “Eat-Stop-Eat” protocol. Here is an overview:

(This is taken directly from Eat Stop Eat – and I recommend you purchase the book if you really want to learn all about it, and how it works):

— Fast 1-2x per week for 20-24 hours.
— Consume as little as possible during your fast. Calorie – free beverages such as tea, black coffe, water are encouraged during the fast.
— EAT on the days you’re not fasting – do NOT “diet” on your eating days!
— A ROUGH guide is to eat ~ 2000 calories (women) and ~ 2500 calories (men) on all other, non-fasting days of the week
— Shoot for approx 100 grams of protein per day
— Weight train 2-5x per week to maintain muscle while you lose fat

Again – this is an OVERVIEW of the approach, and leaves out a lot of details. 

If it sounds interesting to you, I recommend that you pick up a copy of the Eat Stop Eat book, and have a read / listen:

-> Eat Stop Eat

Here’s to your summer training success –

– Forest Vance, KettlebellBasics.net, ForestVanceTraining.com

Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout

Kettlebell boot camp workouts are particularly beneficial because they simultaneously work the muscles and the cardiovascular system, making them a great choice if you’re looking to lose weight or improve your overall fitness level. 

In just 30 minutes, you can achieve results that would take hours at a typical gym:


Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout

1 – Perform as many reps as you can of each exercise in 40 seconds. Rest 20 seconds between exercises. Rest 45-60 seconds between rounds. Do 3-4 rounds total:

A – KB high pull (beginner) / KB snatch (advanced) (20 seconds per side)
B – regular push ups (beginner) / spider push ups (advanced)
C – KB tactical lunge (alternate legs each rep)
D – single arm KB rows (beginner) / single arm KB rows from “Warrior III” position (advanced)
E – squat jumps (beginner) / lunge jumps (advanced)

2 – Set your timer for 5 minutes. Alternate:

A – 3 1/2 Turkish get ups – right side (beginner) / 1 full Turkish get up – right side (advanced)
B – 3 1/2 Turkish get ups – left side (beginner) / 1 full Turkish get up – left side (advanced)


If you are looking to:

– Rapidly shed body fat
– Build lean muscle and improve your total body conditioning, all at the same time
– Learn the basics of safe and effective kettlebell training in the process

Click the link below to drop us a note and learn how you can try our kettlebell bootcamp program at FVT:

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– Forest Vance

10-Day Personal Training Kick Start

So many of us have gotten thrown off our fitness routines over the last couple of years.

It’s really not your fault, because the:

😬 Stress eating

😬 Drinking more than normal

😬 Added stress and uncertainty

Naturally can lead to adding a few (or more) extra unwanted lbs!

We want to help you create a new normal in 2022 that doesn’t include dodging the mirror with our NEW 10-day Personal Training Kick Start program.

You’re going to get personal training sessions at our 1530 X Street studio, home-based workouts to maximize your results, a custom meal plan / personal nutrition support, plus individual coaching to reach your goals!

Hurry, this offer is only good for a limited time. Reply to this message with the words “KICK START” and we’ll send you all the details.

– Forest and the FVT Team

Workout Plan from Chris Hemsworth’s Personal Trainer

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most popular actors today, and he gets into jaw-dropping physical condition for his roles in movies like Thor and The Avengers.

I recently stumbled across a pretty interesting interview with his personal trainer, and thought I would share a few take-aways, since I know adding strength is a big goal for a lot of folks that follow our newsletter and social media these days:


Chris Hemsworth Workout Plan – 3 Tips to Get Lean and Jacked

1 – Lift heavy weights most days of the week

If you are trying to add strength, you need to give your muscles the proper stimulus to grow.

Of course, “heavy” is a totally relative term… YOUR “heavy” is probably different that my “heavy”… the main point is that you’re lifting a load that challenges you and pushes you and takes you *close* to failure on at least some of your working sets.

We do this exact thing with Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle, learn more here -> https://forestvance.lpages.co/hybrid-kettlebell-muscle-2022/

2 – Start training at least three months before a movie role

It takes some time to get into peak shape! You can’t do it in 14 or 28 days. This is why Chris starts training at MINIMUM 12 weeks before a movie roll.

Make a commitment to at least the next 12 weeks of doing whatever it takes to reach your goal.

3 – Eat a lot

Chris Hemsworth’s trainer claims that he eats 4500 calories a day when he’s in maximum bulk mode.

You may not need or be able to eat that much, but one thing I do see frequently is that people do not eat consistently and enough quality food to support muscle growth.

You need to eat on a regular schedule, get enough protein, and make sure that you’re putting healthy foods in your body all day long.


I hope these three tips direct from Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer help you gain more strength and muscle than last time!

My Hybrid Kettlebell Strength course is on sale this week, check it out if you want more help:

-> https://forestvance.lpages.co/hybrid-kettlebell-muscle-2022/

Or, if you’re interested in personal coaching (in person here in Sacramento, CA OR remote / anywhere in the world with an internet connection!), reply directly to this message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

– Forest Vance

Alan’s Kettlebell Complex: Sample Personalized Workout


If I went through YOUR current (or past) kettlebell routine, could you tell me the WHY behind how it’s put together?

For example, could you answer:

– Why (or why not) each exercise is included?
– Why you are doing the specific amount of sets / reps chosen for each move?
– Why each muscle group / movement pattern is getting the amount of total work / volume that it is each week?

If you don’t have a good answer to these questions, it’s not your fault… but I also think this is why my personalized 
kettlebell workout program shines:

-> https://forestvance.lpages.co/kettlebell-workouts-for-men-and-women-over-40/

Just imagine how much faster progress you could make if I designed a workout plan specifically for you, and you started really paying attention to this kind of detail!

Here’s an example:


Alan’s Kettlebell Complex: Sample Personalized Workout


AGE – 54

GOALS – Improve kettlebell form / technique; gain strength; lose 18 pounds over next 12 weeks

CURRENT FITNESS PROGRAM – Kettlebell workouts from my “300” KB Challenge program 2-3x per week

PAST WORKOUT HISTORY – Has done several half marathons, weightlifting / bodybulding

INJURIES / LIMITATIONS – Knee issue that prevents high volume / load on heavy knee bending moves like lunges

SAMPLE – KB COMPLEX (this is just one section of a single workout! – Alan’s complete program is FAR more detailed and extensive):

Perform three rounds of the complex below. Rest approx 90 seconds between rounds:

*We’re keeping the rep range moderate (5-10 per exercise) so that we can both preserve / improve muscle strength, while at the same time training at a high enough volume to burn maximum calories

– Snatch x 5 per side (Alan is fairly well versed in kettlebell form, and we’re trying to improve lower body explosiveness and conditioning… also, we put the most difficult / complex KB move at the TOP of the circuit so that we’re fresh and can use the best possible form)
– Clean & Press x 5 per side (here we are simply working on overhead pressing strength, keeping the reps lower so that we can use a reasonably heavy weight)
– 1-Arm Swing x 5 per side (working the hip hinge pattern and also the core with the anti-rotational aspect of one-arm swings)
– Goblet Squat x 5 (working the lower body squat pattern, but keeping the reps fairly low to go easy on Alan’s knee)
– Row x 5 per side (working the upper body pulling pattern that is often neglected but such a key part of balanced development)

We’re still looking for a few more people to join my personalized KB workout program, but we’re down to the last couple of open spots!

Click the link below, watch the video, fill out the interest form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP:

-> https://forestvance.lpages.co/kettlebell-workouts-for-men-and-women-over-40/

– Forest Vance, Owner, FVT Personal Training