May 2013

I like the IDEA of doing a simple yoga routine. It could most definitely compliment and improve one's FVT-style, functional training, hybrid strength and conditioning workouts. There are just some aspects of it that I still have trouble wrapping my mind around. Here's an excerpt from the article I'm about to share with you, that [...]

Quick follow up on yesterday's message - In it, I told you all about the new FVT Complete Body Transformation program. If you missed the details, click here to see 'em now: => FVT Complete Body Transformation Program The interest for this program has actually been considerably higher than I originally expected.  I am realizing [...]

Memorial Day Weekend Boot Camp/Group Training Schedule: Saturday, May 25th - regular schedule, both 8am and 9am boot camp classes will be held. Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) - 8am and 9am boot camps ONLY - no early morning or evening classes on this day. Have a great weekend - The FVT Team

For the last eight weeks or so, my wife has been eating completely vegan. I am totally supportive.  I think it's a really great thing for her.  She has LOTS more energy, has dropped several % of body fat, and believe it or not is actually improving performance in her workouts. Now don't get me [...]

  Time to test your overall strength, conditioning, and mental toughness. The FVT Band Challenge is back. See all the details by clicking the link below. And come in for a boot camp this week to take the challenge yourself: => FVT Band Challenge Also going on this week at FVT ... Referral Recognition As [...]

At Home Ab Workout

Most people think of crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, etc. when they think of training their abs. Turns out, this is NOT the best way to train your abs.  It’s with total-body, “functional” movements.  This is better both for your long-term spine health, AND short term fitness results!! This is how I train MY abs. [...]