December 2016

Last chance to sign up for the Underground Fat Destroyer Challenge! Registration closes tonight. A quick recap of what this Challenge is about, and how it's different: ++ There will be weekly nutritional meetings and weigh - ins.  We'll be helping everyone build an individualized meal plan at the beginning, and then also meeting [...]

We recently did an email survey, and asked what people's #1 obstacle was, in terms of reaching their fat loss goals. The most common response by far was that diet was the thing holding them back. But then - when I ask WHY people are not eating in a way that consistently supports all the hard [...]

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and our Underground Fat Destroyer Challenge is gearing up to begin! If you are looking to lose 15-20 pounds in the first 8 weeks of 2017, and permanently change your eating habits, this is THE program for you. And spots are filling fast. As I write this message, we [...]

Meet Pam!

Just a little over two years ago, Pam was 53 pounds heavier than she is now. Not only was she unhappy with how she looked and felt, her health was also suffering.  She was on blood pressure meds, and knew things were only going to get worse unless she took charge of her situation. She [...]

  FVT is looking for a highly qualified trainer/coach to join our team! Certification with a nationally accredited organization and/or degree in a related field is preferred. Prior experience working in the fitness industry is NOT necessary. The following things however are CRITICALLY important: – passion for health and fitness – positive attitude – high [...]

It's happening!! The Underground Fat Loss Destroyer Challenge is LIVE. => Underground Fat Loss Destroyer (UFD) - 8 Week Challenge This Challenge is like NOTHING we've ever done before. I can't WAIT to see the LIFE CHANGING results participants are going to get! However - due to the amount of time and attention we'll be giving [...]

We just finished another challenge workout this week! These challenges are a great opportunity to not only push yourself a little harder, but also track your progress and see your improvement. Check out the December Challenge and results below: # December 2016 Challenge Workout: - 30 second timed intervals - beat the clock style - [...]