Hey! Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. What do you have on the plans for today? If health, fitness, fat loss, even just maintainance of your current level of fitness is a priority - I recomend that you take some time to "PSP" PSP stands for: Plan Shop Prepare Let's break it down [...]

We all know that in order to lose weight, you need to: 1) eat less and 2) exercise more. Nothing new there. However, there are different approaches, techniques, what I like to call “hacks” – that can make your life SO much easier when you are attempting to diet down. And trust me – we [...]

#1 tip to lose the weight and KEEP it off: EAT You see, I think that almost all "diet" advice you get from a variety of mainstream sources goes AGAINST our natural human instincts ... ... and I am a big believer in the fact that THIS is why we FAIL - going down in [...]

Sometimes, a diet plan that tells you exactly WHAT to eat, and exactly WHEN to eat it, is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to your success. That's what you get with our custom meal planning program. A lot of folks have been writing in this week, asking us about how the [...]

Well we had a great time at the annual FVT Holiday Party last night (will be posting pics soon to social media, stay tuned!) ... ... and now there are just a couple of weeks until Christmas. Things are VERY busy for me this time of year, as I'm sure they are for you. BUT [...]

*We are bringing back our custom meal planning program for a limited time - will be accepting applications over the weekend! Want to get a jump start on your fitness goals for the New Year? Are you training hard, but not getting the results? 9 times out of 10, your diet is the missing piece of the puzzle. [...]

If you're just rolling into your workouts, without much thought to what you're eating beforehand, coming right out of your checking your emails, pre-occupied with something else, answering phone calls mid-workout, etc etc ... You are NOT making the gains you could be. Because FOCUS is a HUGE part of the battle, in getting a [...]

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