If you're just rolling into your workouts, without much thought to what you're eating beforehand, coming right out of your checking your emails, pre-occupied with something else, answering phone calls mid-workout, etc etc ... You are NOT making the gains you could be. Because FOCUS is a HUGE part of the battle, in getting a [...]

When I was playing football, and we were in training camp, I would literally eat as much as I possibly could. (that's me, second in from the right) In fact, my calorie target was about 7,500 calories per day. I’d have a huge serving of oatmeal, bacon, 6 eggs, milk, and orange juice for breakfast [...]

If you are trying to lose body fat, but are struggling, the information I am going to share with you today could be the MOST IMPORTANT of anything I've ever sent. Because, once you plan out 1) exactly WHAT you need to eat to get results, and 2) make a do-able PLAN to get it [...]

I am going to hook you up with another sample diet day, delivered as it would be in our custom meal planning program (details at the bottom of this message). Of course, with the full program, the meal plan is 100% customized for YOU, as well as a full 7 days of meal planning, not [...]

I want to preface what I'm going to share with you today by telling you that it is a SAMPLE, and NOT customized, like we're doing with our custom diet plan program (see bottom of this message for details). So, we get your: - age - weight - height - gender - activity level - [...]

Imagine the kind of results could you experience if you FINALLY knew exactly what to eat, and when, to burn fat and get lean? That's how my client Robert lost 11 pounds in 28 Days. He was was training consistently, and getting stronger and more fit by the day. BUT, Robert was not getting the [...]

++ Fall 2017 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge registration CLOSES August 31st – click here to sign up now ++ Following the "1-2-3" rule is the EASIEST way to keep your macro balance in check. The "1-2-3" rule simply is - for every 1 gram of fat you eat, balance it with 2 grams of protein, and 3 [...]

++ Fall 2017 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge registration CLOSES August 31st - click here to sign up now ++ Do a little exploring at the grocery store. You'll be amazed at the variety of healthy foods! You can also: check out Farmer's Markets visit Health Food Stores shop online Giving yourself a goal of trying [...]

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