Nutrition Challenges

Last chance to sign up for the Underground Fat Destroyer Challenge! Registration closes tonight. A quick recap of what this Challenge is about, and how it's different: ++ There will be weekly nutritional meetings and weigh - ins.  We'll be helping everyone build an individualized meal plan at the beginning, and then also meeting [...]

It can be difficult trying to maintain a fitness routine and a healthy balanced diet. With all the calorie counting, carb cutting, and other rules to dieting that many seem to follow, it can be overwhelming to someone just getting into it. We want to make things simpler. Each month we will give you a [...]

Okay - registration for the FVT 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is officially LIVE! This is a shorter-than-usual registration period ... AND, due to space limitations, we are also having to limit total sign ups to 30 ... so check it out and grab it your spot now at the link below: => Details [...]

Well, another FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout is officially complete. 3 hours of kettlebell lifting, running, push ups, pull ups, and burpees ... such a fun, high energy, positive group ... AND, we raised a total of $1100 for the Sac SPCA! Awesome work everyone. Doing events like this, while admittingly is a LOT of work, is [...]

I'm going to remind you of something that you probably already know – You can't out "out-exercise" a bad diet. At least, it is VERY difficult to do so. Let's just take an "average" meal out to eat as an example.  You start off with a beer, a salad with ranch dressing, and a slice [...]

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