The chin up / pull up hold is a great exercise for beginners who are working towards their first chin up or pull up. It's great for building the strength and body awareness required for doing chin ups and pull ups. I've also found it's a great confidence-builder, and it helps people with overall just [...]

People don't realize it, but technique it SO key when you are trying to do more pull ups. The ability to fire the right muscles at the right time and to use your ALL your muscles to do the exercise - vs just the arms / upper body - can make all the difference. Here [...]

The single kettlebell clean can be a challenge to learn. I speak from experience – for me, it was one of the tricker KB moves to really get down. The “towel-under-the-arm” drill that you’ll see in today’s video has worked wonders though when it has come to eliminating the typical thump on the wrist and forearm in the catch: [...]

Got a video to share with you today from Mike Gillette of He talks about 'When Is It OK to Fight?' Key points he covers: - A fight - by definition, at least in nearly every jurisdiction in the US - is, by nature, illegal. - This is not to be mis-construed with self [...]

Check out this quick and effective 1 minute yoga flow sequence for beginners! I use this sequence to both energize myself in the morning, and before my regular kettlebell workouts: If you like this sequence, you'll LOVE our restorative yoga classes, Wednesday nights at 6pm (downtown location) and Thursday nights at 6pm (Pocket location). . [...]

Doing a squat without weight may seem like no big deal. But I'll tell ya - we see SO MANY people do it wrong! Here are some common mistakes made with the bodyweight squat: - Not going low enough - Stance is too wide, or too narrow - Chest falls forward during decent - Knees [...]

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