14 Day “Rapid Shred” Protocol – Part 5

This is our last and final installment of an article series on the new FVT 14 Day “Rapid Shred” protocol.

(Link to the first four posts in the series at the bottom of this article if you missed them)

We are also wrapping up applications and registration for the program. Details and apply HERE.


“High-Intensity Power Training” (HIPT) (though I haven’t called it by that exact name) has long been a staple of the kettlebell workouts I put together.

I firmly believe this training method has a lot to do with the results people get with my programs.

So I thought it was pretty interesting when I came across a recent study done at The Ohio State University.

For a 10 week period, they used High-Intensity Power Training (HIPT) … with subjects of both genders (23 men, 20 women), spanning all levels of aerobic fitness and body composition … and the final data results indicated that HIPT significantly improves V_ O2max and body composition in subjects of both genders across all levels of fitness.

You can check out the full study at the link below if you are curious: https://g-se.com/uploads/blog_adjuntos/crossfit_based_high_intensity _power_training_improves_maximal_aerobic_fitness_and_body_comp osition..pdf

We are going to do three of these workouts each week during the 14 days.

If you are local in Sacramento – do these workouts at our training studio.

If you are working from home, anywhere in the world, I recommend my Kettlebell Challenge Workouts plan. Here is the link to check it out: http://kettlebellchallengeworkouts.com

Then, in addition to these workouts, you are going to run, walk, or crawl a 5k, two days per week.

This is so simple, yet it’s so effective for fat loss and overall conditioning in so many ways.


If you’re confused as to the best workouts to do for fat loss, give High Intensity Power Training a try – I think you’ll be really happy with the results.

If you want our help in getting the most out of these workouts, hold you accountable to show up and get them done, and MUCH more, apply HERE for our 14 Day Spring Sprint program.

Here’s to your continued success!

– Forest and the FVT Team

PS – Read parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this article series at the links below if you missed them:





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