June 2014

When it comes to training with weights, whether you are doing it simply to look great, to help you perform better in sports, or if it is just your way to stay healthy, the wrists are going to play an important role. The reality is, the wrists are involved in ALMOST ALL of the exercises [...]

Maybe it's a holiday, and your plans include eating a big meal, drinking some beers, whatever. Maybe you just hate dieting and would rather workout more than eat less. Do the workout I'm about to break down for you here, or one like it - from the 1000 Calorie Accelerator program, for example - and [...]

If you’re trying to lose body fat, and you’re not using kettlebells in your workouts ... you’re missing out big time.  Kettlebell training has taken the fitness world by storm. Everyone from stay at home moms to high level athletes are enjoying the benefits of kettlebells for losing fat, gaining lean muscle, improving flexiblity and increasing their [...]

Did you know that the burpee burns over 12 calories per minute and works 639 different muscles? Today, I have one very special challenge for you.  It consists of, that’s right - the burpee. This challenge will test your "Burpee Tolerance", as I call it. Here's what you do... After warming up and turning on [...]

You've been working out - hard - two, three, four or more days per week. You feel like you're getting stronger, you have more energy, and your overall fitness level is without a doubt improving. BUT, you're just not getting the fat loss results you know you could be. I mean, you're TRYING to watch what [...]

  Here's the June 2014 FVT Challenge Workout again , in case you missed it: => June 2014 FVT Challenge Workout   And the results: (Women Non-Modified) SK 18:14 BC 18:41 SF 18:54 KM 19:30 MG 20:07 JM 20:49 AL 21:25 FY 21:46 MT 21:46 MD 21:57 EZ 23:14 LA 24:52 (Women Modified) MA 19:11 [...]

Protein bars can be  awesome when it comes to a quick, healthy snack you can take with you and eat on the go. However, most pre-made bars are closer to a candy bar with a little protein added in, than an actual nutritious food item that will bring you closer to your fitness goals. Making [...]

Killer challenge workout for you this month to test your conditioning and all-around fitness. Remember - these challenges are to be done only PERIODICALLY, as a way to see if your fitness level is improving. They are not intended as a stand-alone program, or as workouts you would do several times each week, etc.  We [...]