September 2015

Getting a ton of requests recently re: bringing along a friend / family member / co-worker / etc to a boot camp to check what we have going at FVT. So, we’ve decided to hold a Bring-A-Buddy boot camp on Saturday, October 10th @ 10am! It’s a great opportunity to bring a friend, family member, [...]

We’ve decided to put on a special “Kettlebell Basics Workout Series”, focusing on teaching how to get back into shape using kettlebells as the training tool of choice. Here's a breakdown of how the program is set up: 1 - You get 1 private session with me (Forest) to intro you to KB's, get a [...]


Well, the first ever Russian Kettlebell Challenge at FVT is in the books! We wrapped up yesterday afternoon, and what a weekend. Three days and about 25 hours of hard work ... it was a great honor and pleasure to host the event at our gym, and to work with Senior RKC Josh Henkin and Assistant [...]

Are you a fan of kettlebell training, and located in the Sacramento, CA area? Well, we are very excited about the upcoming Russian Kettlebell Challenge event we're hosting at our studio this weekend (it's the first time EVER being held in Sacramento!) ... so, to celebrate, we've decided to put on a special, one-time only [...]

Here's the September 2015 FVT Challenge Workout again, in case you missed it: => September 2015 FVT Challenge Workout And the results: Women GV 8:06 SF 9:42 SK 10:02 KSa 10:05 JMar 10:07 JMad 10:42 RM 11:40 LA 11:45 LK 11:50 KSk 12:00 DP 12:43 RR 12:46 AL 12:56 AP 13:36 BK 14:50   Women Modified [...]

  FVT is looking for a highly qualified trainer/coach to join our team! Certification with a nationally accredited organization and/or degree in a related field is preferred. Prior experience working in the fitness industry is NOT necessary. The following things however are CRITICALLY important: - passion for health and fitness - positive attitude - high [...]