On vacation? Want a quick workout you can do on your boot camp "off" days? Blast fat, build lean muscle, and strengthen your core with this 8 exercise, bodyweight-only, zero-equipment-required workout you can do any time, any place: # Amazing 8 Minute Zero Equipment Workout Perform as many reps as you can the first exercise in 45 [...]

We are SO excited to be continuing our 6pm Wednesday night yoga classes at FVT. Today we have a short article from our instructor Becky on how to do the Dragon pose - a GREAT move, called by some the "antidote" for prolonged sitting, and also the perfect compliment for all the hard training we [...]

Want to get better and healthier as we head into 2016? Super Man Herbs produces amazing herbs and formulas that help your health and performance. They’ve got great stuff for energy, hormonal support (in men and women), working out, and even thinking better. I've mentioned several of their products to you in the FVT newsletter [...]

Got a couple of articles to share with you today that went up on (my personal blog) this week ... But before we get to them, quick reminder - the FVT 'Bells and Beer event is ON for next Weds the 20th at 630 pm ... and spots are filling fast! We are going [...]

You've worked hard, lifted hard, gone hard for years. As a result, you've built up a solid level of strength and overall fitness - either currently, or at least at some point along the way. But it's come at the cost of some aches and pains. Little (or big) injuries here and there have added up. [...]

In the rare occasion that I grab a workout at a “big box” gym, I always end up competing with other folks for equipment. And it honestly frustrates the living hell out of me … Like if I’m doing a circuit-style workout where I’m rotating between two or more exercises, inevitably someone hops in and [...]

WoW what a packed week! We got our 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challengers kicking butt, we’re getting geared up for our annual Anniversary Party at the studio, AND we’re working on TWO killer projects that’ll be coming your way in the next month. Rock on! Anyway, now that it’s Friday and things are settling [...]

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