April 2011 Nutrition Challenge

Without question, one of the best ways to make fast progress towards your fat loss goals is to keep a diet journal. Using the method I’m going to outline in this months’ challenge, you’ll make guaranteed progress if you follow it to a ‘T’ … April 2011 Nutrition Challenge 1. Start this month’s nutrition challengeContinue reading “April 2011 Nutrition Challenge”

Free Boot Camp This Saturday @ 10:30am – Last Call!!

Last call for Saturday’s free boot camp … 4 spots remain as of 7:15 am Thursday!! The theme of this camp is ‘Bring-A-Buddy’, but if you’d like to give one of my classes a try, you’re still welcome to attend even if you don’t know anyone currently enrolled in one of my programs. If youContinue reading “Free Boot Camp This Saturday @ 10:30am – Last Call!!”

FREE ‘Spring Into Fitness’ Bring-A-Buddy Boot Camp Workout April 23rd @ 10:30am

Do you have a friend or family member that’s been looking to try a boot camp workout? Would they like to experience one– totally FREE – before committing to my full-blown program? If so, I have great news – I’m holding a FREE ‘Spring Into Fitness’ Bring-A-Buddy boot camp workout on Saturday, April 23rd atContinue reading “FREE ‘Spring Into Fitness’ Bring-A-Buddy Boot Camp Workout April 23rd @ 10:30am”

Forest On ‘KCRA Workouts A-Z’; ‘Bring A Buddy’ on March 23rd

Each Monday morning, Deirdre Fitzpatrick from KCRA Channel 3 is doing a new workout for every letter of the alphabet … ‘K’ is for kettlebell … and I was lucky enough to have her at my studio last week to shoot the segment on kettlebell training! Check out how last week’s workout (J for theContinue reading “Forest On ‘KCRA Workouts A-Z’; ‘Bring A Buddy’ on March 23rd”

*IMPORTANT* Group/Boot Camp Schedule Changes For Week Of 4/11/11

*Very Important Announcement* Changes to group training/ boot camp schedule week of 4/11/11 are as follows: All AM class times during the week will remain exactly the same – no changes whatsoever to early morning or mid-morning group times at Land Park or East Sacramento locations Evening group times offered at the Land Park facilityContinue reading “*IMPORTANT* Group/Boot Camp Schedule Changes For Week Of 4/11/11”

April 2011 Challenge Workout

Don’t forget … each month, we’re now repeating the challenge from three months prior … so this month’s workout is the same as the January 2011’s: April 2011 Challenge Workout 10 Push Ups (knees for gals, standard for guys) 20 KB Swings 30 Lunges (30 total … your choice of lunge type – forward, backward,Continue reading “April 2011 Challenge Workout”

March 2011 Nutrition Challenge

It’s time for the monthly nutrition challenge … here’s the concept, in case it’s your first one: For a week out of every month, we’ll announce a nutrition ‘challenge’. Over the next six months, we’ll touch on a ‘pilar’ of good eating for a week out of every month … and if you take everyContinue reading “March 2011 Nutrition Challenge”