Re: virtual workouts / challenge

I have been coaching men and women online for almost 10 years. But a couple of weeks ago when we had to shut our training studio locations, I was worried. I was worried that folks who had been training at a physical location, in person, might have a hard time transitioning to the distance coachingContinue reading “Re: virtual workouts / challenge”

New Vid – Full BW/KB Follow-Along Workout

Got something really cool to share with you today. This is recording of a full 45 minute bodyweight / kettlebell workout you can with me, in real time. We are doing these daily, in follow-along format, with all of our training clients right now, so that we can keep their workouts going while we’ve hadContinue reading “New Vid – Full BW/KB Follow-Along Workout”

[free] Functional Workout from Combat Sports for Fitness

Have you ever seen great martial artists in action? They posesss amazing functional strength! These athletes do things with their bodies that 99% of the population cannot. The good news is, that same 99% CAN get many of the same benefits and results – if they change up their exercise routines. See, with traditional weightContinue reading “[free] Functional Workout from Combat Sports for Fitness”

Presidents Day KB/BW Workout + New FVT “Body Type” Quiz

Happy Presidents Day! We just finished off a fun and challenging Boot Camp workout here at the FVT studio this morning, figured I’d share so that you can try it at home. You’re going to try to get 45 reps of each exercise in the allotted time (because, of course, there have been 45 USContinue reading “Presidents Day KB/BW Workout + New FVT “Body Type” Quiz”

“Base Building” – Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Can you believe we’re already halfway through February? The weather is starting to get nicer and it’s staying light longer, which means it’s great timing to start thinking about getting some outdoor workouts again! *We are thinking about putting together a next level conditioning group for the spring – we would meet weekly and doContinue reading ““Base Building” – Bodyweight Cardio Workout”

“Muai Thai Shred” – 5 min Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Like it or not, increased cardio fitness is correlated with corresponding decreases in cardiovascular disease risk. Fat loss and being in physical shape to live the active lifestyle you want to lead are a couple of other important reasons to have a cardio component to your training routine. But the good news is, there areContinue reading ““Muai Thai Shred” – 5 min Bodyweight Cardio Workout”

SPCA Charity Boot Camp / Adoption Event – Sept 7th @ 10am

On September 7th we will be hosting a special charity boot camp / adoption event benefiting the Sacramento SPCA. This special event is open to ALL – we’ll be doing one of our signature kettlebell boot camp workouts and having a great time. The group workout will run from about 10-1045, and then we willContinue reading “SPCA Charity Boot Camp / Adoption Event – Sept 7th @ 10am”

You-Go-I-Go Partner Workout

I am sitting down right now and looking at the boot camp workouts we have planned for tonight’s sessions. There is a fun little “You-Go-I-Go” sequence at the end – thought it would be good timing to share as we have our Bring a Friend workout coming up this Saturday, March 23rd, 9am @ FVTContinue reading “You-Go-I-Go Partner Workout”