September 2010 Challenge Workout, Quick Clarification and Tentative Land Park Group Session Times

Here’s the September Challenge Workout:

60 Body Weight Squats
50 Kettlebell Swings
40 Walking Lunges (total)

30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups

Repeat sequence five times as fast as possible for a total of 1000 reps. The time limit for this challenge is 30 minutes (times posted will be finishing time or number of rounds completed in 30 minutes).

Good luck! You’ll need it 🙂

And a quick clarification: Group training sessions and one-on-training is going to continue as usual at Anytime Fitness in East Sacramento moving forward; when the doors open at the new Forest Vance Training, Inc. personal training studio on Sept. 20th, we’ll have about 10 group training sessions scheduled per week. The tentative schedule as of now is:

Tues/Thurs early (around 6am) and mid (around 8-9am) mornings
Mon/Weds/Fri eves (around 6-7pm)
Sat mornings (around 9am)

Here’s the link to the pre-enrollment special:
I’m taking the times folks are requesting as you all sign up for the pre-enrollment special in mind as I schedule classes – so I’ll have an exact schedule next week. And the special is $67 for two weeks of unlimited group training. If you’d like to reserve a spot (you have less than two weeks – and spots are filling up surprisingly fast), click the link below:

BIG News: New Personal Training Studio Opening In Land Park Area of Sacramento!!

I’m very proud to announce the opening of the brand new Forest Vance Training Personal Training Studio in the Land Park area of Sacramento! It’s kind if crazy how things fell into place … if you believe in the law of attraction, you’ll love this story 🙂

If you’d like to skip straight to the pre-enrollment sign up form, click here

When I finished my pro football career just over half a decade ago and started personal training, I just knew someday I would have my own studio. But I also knew the smart way to go would be to start at a big health club to learn the ropes … so my first job in the fitness industry was at good ‘ol 24 Hour Fitness. And it was a great start! I was a personal trainer and fitness manager at several different 24 Hour locations around the Sacramento area over a period of just over four years.

But as I mentioned, my ultimate goal has always been to have my own studio – and I knew the next logical step would be to go out on my own as an independent. So I left the gym and branched out at the end of 2008. Over the last two years, I’ve done personal and group training at Anytime Fitness in East Sac (which has been great), done boot camps outside and at other locations, etc.

Now, flash forward to about two months ago … business is great (thanks to all of you), and I’m thinking to myself, gosh, I really need to get my own space soon … my groups are getting too big for the little gym I’m renting space from in East Sac … and having my own studio is what I’ve been working towards all this time, after all!

So a space we were doing a boot camp at in the Land Park area – a karate studio on Riverside Blvd – unexpectedly came available for rent. A fantastic opportunity presented itself … and with amazing timing! So with the help of a personal training client (thanks Mike and Greg), we have a new space to call home – a 2000 sq foot personal training facility in the Land Park area of Sacramento!

If you’d like to skip straight to the pre-enrollment form, click here

Here’s a google map if you’d like to check out where it’s at:

View Larger Map

And here’s a video I filmed of a group training class I had going there a couple months back .. it’s going to look pretty different, I’m in the process of painting and putting in new flooring, but it’ll give you an idea of the space and layout (it’s in the shots of the place with wood floor and big windows):

It’s a fantastic set up for group personal training … we’ll have open space to do a huge variety of body weight exercises, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, heavy ropes, sandbags, giant tractor tires, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Group training classes and one-on-one training will continue as usual at Anytime Fitness in East Sac, FYI – I’m just going to hold about 10 group training session times per week in Land Park starting the week of Sept 20th (that’s a 95% sure start date).

The Special Offer

Everyone who pre-registers (signs up before I open the doors), will get two weeks of unlimited group personal training for $67. I’ll have group training classes 5-6 days per week, so you’ll be able to come and train ten times or so over the first two weeks if you want.

It’s an incredible deal – and I’m not big on specials if you know me – I’m just doing this deal to

A. Show my appreciation – this wouldn’t be possible without all my great clients and supporters

B. Open up the doors with the groups rocking and rolling from the get go!

This is my full training program -you’ll get a copy of my Super Quick Start Fat Loss Meal Plan, I’ll take your starting body fat and measurements, and give you access to the FVT Coaching Club – my clients-only membership site with workout manuals, diet plans, fat loss strategies, and more.

If you want to sign up, click the link below and enter your name, email, phone #, and preferred workout time in the form on the secret webpage you’ll be directed to:

I have a tentative schedule already for the group training session times, but will schedule around times you all are available.

You won’t have to pay yet, but putting in your info will commit you to a spot in the program. When it’s time to start, I’ll just send you an email with an invoice and you’ll be able to pay online.

Again, to reserve your spot at special pre-enrollment pricing – you’ll want to do this now if you want in, you don’t have to pay yet but your info will reserve you a spot – click the link below:

The last thing I want to quickly say again is … thanks. I really, really appreciate all of you – my family, friends, clients – all my great supporters. Without you, all this wouldn’t be possible. I feel so lucky every day to have a job where I can do what I love, be around great, positive and successful people every day, wear workout clothes, and just have a great time!

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!! Talk to you soon


Healthy Breakfast Recipe – Egg White Omelete

Here’s a healthy breakfast recipe from the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Workbook. I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from the Challengers so far on the meal planning section, so I thought I’d post up one of the recipes on the blog. Enjoy!

Egg-White Omelet With Vegetable-Cheddar Filling

3 large egg whites
1 teaspoon water
2 teaspoons chopped fresh dill (optional)
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1/2 cup loosely packed thinly sliced fresh spinach
1 plum tomato, chopped
2 tablespoons shredded nonfat cheddar cheese
Vegetable cooking spray

1. Whisk egg whites, water, dill (if using), salt, and pepper together in a medium bowl until soft peaks form. Toss spinach, tomato, and cheddar together in a small bowl.

2. Lightly coat an omelet pan or small skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium heat 1 minute. Pour egg mixture into pan and cook until eggs begin to set on bottom.

3. Spread filling over half of omelet, leaving a 1/2-inch border and reserving 1 tablespoon mixture for garnish. Lift up omelet at edge nearest handle and fold in half, slightly off-center, so filling peeks out. Cook 2 minutes. Slide omelet onto a serving plate and garnish with reserved filling.

134 kcals, 15 g protein, 14g carbs, 2 g fat

5 Minute Ab Blast

New and challenging ab workouts are always a hit in our group personal training and fitness boot camp classes … here’s a sample ab workout that hits all areas of your midsection (and only takes about 5 minutes):

So again, to complete this ab workout, you would:

  • Perform 15 crunches
  • Follow the crunches with 15 bicycle crunches
  • Follow the bicycle crunches with 15 leg drops on each side (the key with the leg drops is to keep your lower back flat on the ground at all times)
  • Rest approximately 30 seconds and repeat that sequence two more times for a total of three sets of each exercise

Remember, train hard and train smart! Talk to you next time


P.S. This is an ab circuit from the intermediate level 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge Workout. For more details about this 30 Day Fat Loss challenge that I’m doing over on my Fitness Monster blog (and for a chance to get in totally free), click here: The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

Who Trains With Kettlebells?

Wondering if kettlebell training is right for you?

Here’s a fantastic video from a recent Russian Kettlebell Challenge certification that showcases the amazing variety of folks that train with and benefit from kettlebells:

So if you’ve been having reservations about starting up your kettlebell training … no more excuses! Set up a free introductory session with Forest Vance, RKC, one of Sacramento’s premier kettlebell instructors by calling today at (916) 273 9366 or by clicking here and leaving a message.

Improve Flexibility, Function, and Performance … For Less Than $20

By rolling with your own body weight on a round foam roll, you can massage away restrictions to normal soft-tissue extensibility, enhance recovery, and improve performance. I use Self Myofacial Release techniques (using the foam roll) on myself and with clients every day … and, for some people, it can be literally life changing.
Here’s a video to give you an idea of what I’m talking about – this is how you would roll out the IT Band/TFL – one of the most commonly tight areas of the body:

You can actually find foam rollers these days at most gyms; however, I think it’s nice to have one at home for a lot of reasons – convenience and cleanliness being two big ones. has them for literally less than $20 – click the link below to find out more:

There are lots of different types and brands of foam rolls available – I highly suggest you start with a normal-density roll, and progress to a high-density roll only when you feel you need and can withstand more pressure on the tight areas of your body.

Another side note: These techniques are a little bit uncomfortable. However, the long-term benefits you’ll get from rolling on a regular basis will far out-weigh any short term discomfort.
If you’re looking for more detail about how to perform these techniques, here’s a great article on that you should check out:
In summary, if you know your flexablity needs improvement, if you have aches and pains that won’t go away, if you could benefit from recovering from your workouts faster – try out some of these foam roll techniques today.
P.S. If you’d like real-life, hands-on instruction in the techniques mentioned in this article, Forest Vance Training, Inc. personal training and boot camps is your pick in the East Sacramento, CA area. Leave us a message here or give us a call at (916) 273 9366 today to schedule a complimentary introductory session.

Super Quick Start Fat Loss Meal Plan

Looking for a meal plan to help you lose fat fast?

All the theory in the world is great, but when it comes down to it, you want to know exactly what to eat.

Here’s a sample day from a female client of mine’s food log who lost about 30 pounds in 5 months. This meal plan is very low in calories – you’ll have to increase the portions if you weigh more than about 140 pounds. But it should give you an idea as to exactly what you should be eating and how to put together your meals to lose fat fast.
Disclaimer: This meal plan in no way constitutes medical advice. I’m not a registered dietitian and I’m not qualified to prescribe any kind of diet; this is just an example of what has worked for one of my clients in the past.

This meal plan will provide approximately 1200 kcals/day, with a macro nutrient breakdown of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. You may adjust portions up if needed if you’re starting above 140 pounds, if your activity level is high, etc., but do not change the ‘balance’ of the meals – you must add protein, carbs, and fats in equal amounts.

This is a super quick start kind of plan; it’s not intended to be long-term, but followed closely, it will help you lose fat fast.


1 piece Ezekiel bread
1 whole egg
1 oz cheddar cheese
1 tbsp guacamole

½ cup cottage cheese
1 apple
1 tsp peanut butter
(Multi-Vitamin + Mineral, Fat Burner)

AM Snack

1 oz string cheese
½ apple
6 almonds

1 protein bar


2 oz chicken breast
Salad w spinach leaves, tomato, cucumber, bean sprouts, etc.
1 tbsp salad dressing of choice

2 oz deli turkey
1 piece bread
2 tbsp avocado
(Fat burner)

PM Snack

1 oz protein powder
1/3 banana
1 tsp peanut butter

1 corn tortilla
1 oz cheese
½ tbsp guacamole


½ cup pasta, cooked
2 oz chicken
1 oz pesto

3 oz steak (lean cut)
2 ½ cups broccoli
2/3 tsp olive oil
(Multi-vitamin + mineral)
P.S. If you liked this Super Quick Start Fat Loss Meal Plan, make sure to sign up for Forest’s weekly newsletter – you’ll get diet and exercise tips like these delivered every week to your email inbox. Plus, you’ll also get a FREE copy of Forest’s ‘Top 10 Fat Loss Myths Exposed’ special consumer report – just drop your name and email into the box at the upper right of the page to sign up today!!