April 2011 Challenge Workout

Don’t forget … each month, we’re now repeating the challenge from three months prior … so this month’s workout is the same as the January 2011’s: April 2011 Challenge Workout 10 Push Ups (knees for gals, standard for guys) 20 KB Swings 30 Lunges (30 total … your choice of lunge type – forward, backward,Continue reading “April 2011 Challenge Workout”

March 2011 Nutrition Challenge

It’s time for the monthly nutrition challenge … here’s the concept, in case it’s your first one: For a week out of every month, we’ll announce a nutrition ‘challenge’. Over the next six months, we’ll touch on a ‘pilar’ of good eating for a week out of every month … and if you take everyContinue reading “March 2011 Nutrition Challenge”