5 Minute Ab Blast

New and challenging ab workouts are always a hit in our group personal training and fitness boot camp classes … here’s a sample ab workout that hits all areas of your midsection (and only takes about 5 minutes): So again, to complete this ab workout, you would: Perform 15 crunches Follow the crunches with 15Continue reading “5 Minute Ab Blast”

Flexibility Training For The Office Dweller

It’s a safe bet that 75% of our clients at FVT sit down for most of the day. The main problem with this is that the human body isn’t designed to sit in a chair for eight hours at a time. Hours of being in a seated position every day eventually leads to the developmentContinue reading “Flexibility Training For The Office Dweller”

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Weekend’s Open House

We’re having an open house this Saturday at Anytime Fitness East Sacramento and we’d love for you to be there! Here are 7 reasons why you can’t afford to miss it: 1. Free snacks and drinks 2. Free samples of our new supplement line – multi vitamins, bars, shakes, fat burners, energy management supplements andContinue reading “7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Weekend’s Open House”

Announcing The Help A Pet In Need Charity Drive

Warning: Today’s post is a bit on the serious side. I want to share with you today a story I recently heard about a local dog (from the sspca.org website) that broke my heart: “Murphy was one of three dogs confined to a backyard by an owner who had stopped feeding them for months simplyContinue reading “Announcing The Help A Pet In Need Charity Drive”

How To Break Your Fat Loss Plateau

Hey guys … if you’re stuck, here’s how you can start making progress again – Enter to win a totally free copy of the Ultimate Fitness Resource Toolkit – the compete workout road map, meal plan, and guide to getting in the proper mindset to lose fat – For more details and to enter theContinue reading “How To Break Your Fat Loss Plateau”

Kettlebell Basics Workshop February 20th

Learn To Use Kettlebells For Rapid Gains In Strength, Speed, And Endurance If you’re looking to learn the basics of safe and effective kettlebell training or refine your KB training technique, come check out our Kettlebell Basics Workshop on Saturday, February 20th! The workshop will run from 12:30 – 3:30 pm and will be heldContinue reading “Kettlebell Basics Workshop February 20th”